Why Search3w changed its Web Visibility with Ranking Score?

Both formulas are measuring success of a website keywords in the major search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Web Visibility

Web Visibility refers to be how easy it is for someone to find a Web site when they do a search. The Web Visibility Ranking gauges how visible a web site appears based on the search engines and keywords selected. Visibility of 100% means any keyword a prospect will choose (not just the keywords used in the comprehensive reports) that related to specific business – They’ll find it on Google, Yahoo & MSN 1st page. Visibility of 0% means no keyword can be found on major three engines 1st page. A successful SEO project ended up with 60%-70% visibility. A higher score usually kept for spammers or “black hat SEO” as they called. The bad guys enjoy very short happiness, about 3 to 6 months, and they vanished.

Ranking Score

Ranking Score is same blah-blah-blah of Web Visibility with these significant differences:

google market share

1. It monitors the site’s performance on a multitude of search engines, uses a weighted rank to score each one of the engines. Today every marketer asking us to be on Google’s 1st page, so Google assigned with the highest weight score depends on its “Search Engines Market Share“.

2. Web Visibility is only checking “is the keyword on 1st page” or not. Ranking Score monitors the site’s performance on a weighted rank basis to score each one of the keywords by its position. Therefore “top three” ranking will enjoy the higher overall scores than 7th, 8th and 9th position.

3. Competition Weight – Search term that returns 20,000 pages is not as difficult to SEO as 2 million returned pages. Search3w new Ranking Score formula is calculating the competition figures also.

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