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Email I got from adwords-support@google.com on Wednesday, July 05, 2006 12:31 AM says: Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. After reviewin

Posted on July, 6, 2006

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AdSense and AdWords under the hood

This is a message I have received today from Google: Hello, Thank you for your email.We understand that you wish to receive specific inform

Posted on July, 5, 2006

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Google Checkout – Grab it now!

Google on Thursday unveiled its much anticipated online macro payment processing system designed to offer shoppers with a Google account a quick way t

Posted on July, 3, 2006

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Web Awareness – The secret ingredient in Google formula

What is Web Awareness? Web Awareness represents the number of search results for searching your domain, company or brand name. Use ".com" or full b

Posted on July, 2, 2006

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Google Algorithm and Axiomatic Set Theory

Warning. Skip this post if you hate mathematics. Can we learn about Google algorithm by applying Inverse Mapping techniques? In the absence of tang

Posted on June, 26, 2006

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