CEO Spotlight Elchanan Martin Rotstain Acroterion Inc.

Please provide us with your biography. Tell us about your background and your role in the company?

I have been the CEO of Acroterion since 2001.  Prior to that I spent twenty years doing academic research and worked directly with search engines and software architecture methodologies. I am an internationally-acclaimed expert known to the world as “The Search Engine Doctor.”  I am also the author of a university thesis about search methodologies that was used to develop the first search engine frameworks.  Presently, I am doing research with doctoral students at the University of Alberta, the University of Michigan and the Department of Mathematics at Bar-Ilan University.

Since July of 2006 I have been a member of the SEMPO Research Committee. I won second prize in the IT contest for outstanding system analysis using object-oriented methodologies.  I was also awarded for my research at the Weizmann Institute of Science

What are your main services?

·     Search Engine Solutions (number #1 out of 75 million in Google)

·     Publishing e-commerce and CMS sites as Static HTML pages (a product we developed)

·     Spider Bots Developer

·     Morphological Analysis

·     Solving Search Engine Problems (like banning)

·     Mathematics and Algorithms of Search Engines

·     Search Engines Engineering

·     Search Engines Laws and Patents

What makes your firm different from other companies competing in your industry?

How many SEO firms really know how spiderbots function or how the Google algorithm was built?  The difference between our company and other SEO firms is that we truly understand how search engines work.

Furthermore, we do not take on clients unless we believe that they will be 100% successful.  That is what sets us apart from the competition: not everyone can become one of our clients.

We have a 100% success rate and all of our clients have at least doubled their sales!  Our clients tend to stick with us for a minimum of five years because they don’t want to halt their success.

Another advantage of working with my company is that clients can speak directly with me, the CEO of the company, rather than having to speak through an “account manager” or “seo specialist.”

Tell us more about your firm’s success story?

The first thing I did after establishing the company was build a better spiderbot. I sent it into a few major domains and sold them the reports the spider generated. The benefits of buying the reports were the fact that they did not violate privacy and they increased search engine indexability.

Since 2001, we have been working with some of the world’s top companies including 3M,, Overstock and more. Many of them contact us after having failed with other SEO firms. Here is the type of letter we typically receive from clients:

“We contacted several companies and spent money for nothing. Those ‘optimization’ or ‘submission’ services did not diagnose our search problems and therefore they failed Definitely Mr. Rotstain is “the search-engines master”, I guarantee that any company working with Acroterion will not be disappointed..”

According to you, what are the most important questions a potential customer should ask a company before choosing a vendor like you?

1.  Are you a web designer or webmaster that “did it once by mistake,” or do you really understand how search engines work?

2.  Will my SEO/SEM project be done right the first time around or will I have to get it redone later?

3.  Can you assure me that I will not be banned by Google?

What are some of the myths in your field?

Myth #1 – “Find the cheapest SEO services possible.” – Many clients call us after they have failed or been banned because they put their livelihoods in the hands of unprofessional SEOs.  In SEO, the mantra is that you get what you pay for so if the price sounds too good to be true, it is.

Myth #2 – “Search engine formulas are secret.” – Wrong. If you involve yourself in developing search engine algorithms and keep up with the patents they publish, you can understand search engine formulas much better.

How do you develop your skills in this continuously changing environment?

At Acroterion, we’re always busy training our employees to teach them new technologies, break complex formulas, and patents texts to applied actions.

What do you see as the future of the industry? What will be the challenges; do you anticipate any drastic changes?

Yes, there will be drastic changes in the future of the search industry. Search engines will be more social and more personalized. Our development team is already working on a new social version of the “site wizard” product to cope with these changes. We’re also developing a new spiderbot that will be the answer to personalization issues.

Where do you see your firm in the next 5 years? What about you personally?

I have good reason to believe that one of the major search engines will acquire my company (two years ago we refused an offer) and take advantage of the spiderbot we built. I see myself serving as a research or application architect rather than busying myself with the daily tasks of running a company.